1st Ski tour of the season

3 Colleagues and myself arrive at the base of the Giferspitz to begin the 1st tour of the season. Motivation was high, banter flowing, Brewer stating that Wazza takes it up the Giferspitz! Unfortunately the leader of expeditions (me) managed to forget their poles so was left to improvise using two tree stumps as replacements. Needless to say this was a big hinderance and was the only reason I was left well at the back of the group on the 700m of vertical ascent.

A fine ascent, reaching a cairn which had a summit book placed within the rocks, details of our heroic summit were recorded and a descent was made. Snow condition were thin and crusty making the skiing difficult, skiing without poles added to the difficulty. Safely back to the cars, we reflected on a quality afternoon, being able to go ski touring after work in the most beautiful scenery. we are all very lucky people!

On returning back to the chalet, we decide we haven’t had enough so Warren and i don our skis and skin up Horneggli another 700m of ascent in 43 minutes. We arrived at the top for sunset, the sun giving way for a full moon which lit up the valley giving us a fantastic moonlit descent. Good times, happy days!

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