Heli Skiing Wildstrubel

Pascal, Diderick, Olafur, and Viktor all student from Le Rosey signed up for the Heli Skiing expedition to the Wildstrubel. Peter (guide), Mr Brewer, myself (Dares) Accompany them to ensure their safety in some impressive and dangerous terrain of the Wildstrubel.

‘It’s a small chopper’ I point out, ‘a charge you must have heard before, dares’ says Brewers.
The choppers loaded with all the kit and then we get in, exciting times, it’s mine and most of the kids 1st time in a chopper. The rotors accelerate and we start to lift, now flying up the Saanen Valley to land on the summit of the Wildhorn (3248m). It’s incredible and a very bizarre feeling to pass so close to the mountain, to see all the aspects and arrive at the top without expending any effort whatsoever. So many times, when I have been ski touring, I have seen the helicopters landing on the summits and thought ‘cheaters’. It was now our turn to ‘cheat’ and enjoy the descent without having to work for it and I’m certainly not complaining about it!

A short skin up to the summit was needed and then a fantastic ski down in varied snow, powder, crust, slab, and everything in between. The kids showed us the way to ski, flowing, bouncing, looking easy, they’re talented and so they should be having skied for most of their lives.

Skins back on to ascend the ifferhorn. Incredible views of the surrounding area and views of the descent down into Lenk. The descent was excellent, varied, interesting, all types of snow, tree skiing, everything. Fantastic!

Perfect terrain for some jumps, Pascal threw a 360 and a front flip, Diderick with massive air, and Droops with a trick of his own, very impressive though.

Brewers with his own trick!
An incredible day out. An awesome bunch of students to share the experience with. All came back grinning from ear to ear. Happy Days!

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