Top tips – ironman

After completing the ironman austria this summer in blazing heat we sat down and wrote down a few top tips if/when we do another….

Bags – ties around the bags transition – make them easily seen
Hand Towel in All bags – so suncream can be applied.
One bottle on the bike. Loads of aid stations.
Drop a bottle at the base of the hill, pick one up at the top.
Special needs bag not important if well supported.
Run with a bottle for the first 10 k.
Run with a bike top, good pockets.
Jelly babies are good for the run.
Avoid nutrition turning to glupe in heat.
Stay out of the pack in the swim.
Swim Is not important. Just get round.
Sun cream in both bags.
Coke and water on the run is fine.
Same bike/swim shorts all day.
Mini coke after the swim. Perfect in transition.
Put ice in hat and sponges in your back to cool down.
Everything is on the run!
Don’t be psyched out by flash bikes, most people can’t ride them!
Hill training is important.
Bike – go hard on the bike but don’t tire.
Make sure you have an adequate time frame for training properly.
Pump in transition just in case!
Pump better than canisters.
Hotel away from the centre to not get psyched out.
Any niggles you have, tooth, toe whatever. Get them sorted well before the event. Not the day before!!
No sales on the merchandise after race day.
If it all goes tits up, finishing is important!

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